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Call For Submissions: Your Secret Place

We are crafting a special issue of Silk Road devoted to secret places. We have no set
definition of what that might mean, in part because one personís hidden space is not
anotherísĖthatís why itís secret. So weíre wondering: What would surprise us about a
previously undisclosed or unnoticed location in your neighborhood, country, house or heart?
What shouldnít we and the rest of the world know (but you are going to tell us anyway)?

Send us your submission (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, a form we canít anticipate) for
consideration by March 1, 2010. If you have images you could include with your submission,
tell us in the cover letter.
Our Latest Issue
Silk Road Review
a literary crossroads
The poetry, fiction and nonfiction in Vol. 4 takes us
from Mt. Fuji to a porn shop to the galaxies housed
within the human skeleton to a hut in Chad. This issue
is all about artistry. Each piece shows what happens
when written language is taken the distance: The finer
the use of words, the more deeply we comprehend the
locations that hold us, change us or refuse us.
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"I rested one hand at the base of the horse's
pulsing neck, looked into the dark-rimmed eyes.
I entered her mouth, pushing past the back of
the tongue and into the gullet to remove what
had gathered dangerously there. My first horse
closed her eyes, shuddered. Her throat seized on
my wrist and her knees buckled. I tugged gently
but firmly. I commanded the horse bone, the
horse blood:
Rescue this whole horse.
Let this horse live
--Josie Sigler in "My Last Horse"